Master Pilates Ballet

A conversation between the body and soul.
Master Pilates is delighted to offer a specialised program for Ballet Dancers. We understand the tremendous value Pilates can bring to dancers of all levels and age groups.


In developing our specialised program, we have drawn on our own past experiences as full time ballet students, our extensive knowledge of the Pilates method, and our research into the most up-to-date global best practice for targeted exercise prescriptions for dancers.

We ensure that our instruction in this program is effective in building strength, improving technique and drastically minimising the potential for injury.


Master Pilates for Ballet Dancers focuses on:

  • Strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the feet

  • Building ankle and calf strength

  • Targeting muscle imbalance, e.g., Tibialis Anterior versus Medial Gastrocnemius, Iliotibial Band versus Vastus Medialis Oblique, Hamstring versus Quadriceps

  • Strengthening Transversus Abdominis and pelvic floor muscles

  • Strengthening of the Quadratus Femoris to hold turn out

  • Enhancing awareness of correct technique

  • Addressing hyper-mobility to strengthen around the mobile joint

  • The proven benefits of Pilates including improved strength, balance, flexibility, stabilisation and postural alignment.